Business Experience. Creative flair, and production know-how.

Brand Emotion is a multi-award-winning film and events agency that was perfectly formed from the merger of I-MOTUS and Dijon Designs. These agencies brought together a unique blend of creative skills including content creation, live broadcast and film production and event delivery; all of which are perfectly suited to address the challenges of the complex post COVID event landscape.

Our skill set enables Brand Emotion to take complex B2B propositions and creatively break them down so that we can build compelling brand engagement journeys that capture your audience’s attention, feed their interest in your proposition and foster interaction with your brand. From digital insight through to virtual, hybrid and physical event execution to audience analytics, Brand Emotion joins up all the dots and delivers and end-to-end service.

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Why choose Brand Emotion?

Choosing the right agency is a critical decision. If you make the right choice, it will enable you to create positive emotional experiences that will anchor customers to your brand, your products or your services. So why would you choose us?

Business Experience

With so many clients and so many projects delivered, we have a wealth of experience that enables us to understand your complex brief faster and to delight you with intelligent but affordable solutions.

Creative Flair

From script writing to colour grading, from stand design to virtual studios, from VR to AV, we’ve a roster of talented creatives who will always bring something special to every element of your project. 

Production know-how

Our largest clients keep coming back to us, time and again, because they trust us to deliver. That’s because we always remove production risks so that projects are delivered on schedule, on budget, every time.

Our partner agencies

We are proud to work closely with our two partner Agencies, Broadley Studios that supports us with film production and streaming and StoryScience that supports us through the use of  big data and behavioural science to optimise creative strategies.

Our clients

From pharma to IT to financial services to travel; our clients are from a wide range of business sectors, some of whom have been with us for more than 20 years.

Are you looking to create some emotion with your brand?

We’d love to help! Whether you are located in the UK or around the world, we are looking for new creative challenges and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss any opportunity with you. Please fill in the form below or email us directly on
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