At Brand Emotion, we do what our name suggests.

We use the power of creative film and events to enable brands to make an emotive connection with their audiences. Press play to find out more about us.

To engage an audience emotionally is to establish their trust

Once trust is established, the journey of influencing decisions, changing behaviours and building relationships is so much easier. We believe Brand Emotion is at the heart of any business relationship.

However, creating Brand Emotion isn’t easy! Which is why we aim to work strategically with our clients, optimising their event planning and investment, responding dynamically to their needs and being ambitious, nimble, and cost effective in our execution. We deliver all event formats including virtual, physical and hybrid and we produce films and immersive experiences to drive engagement.

That’s what we do at Brand Emotion, but what are we like?

Well, we are confident when we unpick complex propositions, we are unflappable when tackling the toughest creative challenges and we are fearless when working to meet seemingly impossible deadlines.

Whatever challenge is thrown at us, we remain undaunted and enthusiastic, and we can always be trusted to deliver, and to deliver Brand Emotion, when it matters most.

Latest projects

Our clients are Global Corporations and Government Agencies, which means the Brand Emotion Team is constantly meeting new challenges. Whether we are producing a film, delivering a virtual event or creating an exhibition space we always have an interesting project in production. Here is a selection of our recent projects.

Latest news from Brand Emotion

Most weeks we are on location somewhere in the world. Look at our news feeds to see the latest on where we are and what we are doing.

A busy week in Glasgow at COP26 with GSK but well worth it…

November 12, 2021
A busy week in Glasgow at COP26 with GSK but well worth it… what if our cardboard stand ...
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Fujitsu ActivateNow is the type of challenge we relish!

October 12, 2021
Fujitsu ActivateNow is the type of challenge we relish! Our film crews recorded content around the world, and ...
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Our second virtual Astra Technology Exposure Day delivered.

September 28, 2021
That’s our second virtual Astra Technology Exposure Day delivered. An event that showcases innovation and next generation technology ...
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Our clients

From pharma to IT to financial services to travel; our clients are from a wide range of business sectors, some of whom have been with us for more than 20 years.

Are you looking to create some emotion with your brand?

We’d love to help! Whether you are located in the UK or around the world, we are looking for new creative challenges and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss any opportunity with you. Please fill in the form below or email us directly on
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